Monday, July 20, 2009

My thanks to the many creators of blogs and web pages about Alaska for sharing their experiences. They were all very enlightening and I appreciate the information that I have garnered.

Some, but not all: Rod Jones, Perth ON
Larry (LL) Parmenter, Bandon OR; Art & Nita Fockler, Canton OH & Naples FL; Peter Marsh AK; Jim Marshall, Newcastle ON Simon at Peterborough Cycle Salvage, Peterborough ON

7,728 km (4,830 miles) not including laundry runs, sight seeing, going down side roads for a pee spot, getting lost (which we do without trying), going out for breakfast or dinner, beer store, liquore store, etc.

Meet our friends Bob and Steff O'Quinn in Edmonton AB and drive to Drumheller AB to visit The Royal Tyrrell Dinosour Museum.

Our itinerary. July 22 – Sept 1, 2009
From Edmonton we drive with Bob and Steff on Hwy 43 / BC 97 to Dawson Creek BC where they will turn around to go home.
We will continue on BC 97 / YT 1 / AK 2, (Alcan Hwy) to Tok AK
south AK 1 (Glenn Hwy) to Anchorage
north AK 3 (Parks Hwy) to Fairbanks
east AK 3 (Richardson Hwy) to Delta Junction
east AK 2 / YT 1 (Alcan Hwy) to Whitehorse YT
south YT 2 / BC 98 (South Klondike Hwy) to Skagway BC
turn around; at Cancross
east YT 8 to Watson Lake YT
south BC 37 (South-Cassiar Hwy) to Meziadin Lake Junction BC
west BC 37A to Stewart turn around to BC 37 to
east BC 16 (Yellowhead Hwy) to Edmonton AB

I just hope that his family is not looking for pay-back.

See AAA map of ‘Alaska and Northwestern Canada’ or Canada